Live chat software can have many features.


Live chat Features include:

  • Design customisation

    live chat software console

    Live chat software console

  • Multilingual chat
  • Unlimited live chat operators
  • Realtime visitor stats
  • Your own ticketing system
  • Chat SSL encryption
  • Admin panel themes
  • Canned messages / responses
  • System Branding
  • Operator tagging
  • Live chat idle detection
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Free offline message system
  • Live chat callback form
  • Webkit desktop notifications
  • HTML5 geolocation
  • Live Chat and Messaging
  • Foresight / Live chat sneak peek
  • Live chat ban control
  • Voice Input / Microphone Input
  • Internal “Private” chat
  • Chat operator SoS button
  • Live chat logs
  • Visitor geo-location
  • Canned messages
  • Hyperlink highlighting
  • Smiley / Emote support
  • SSL live chat encryption
  • Live chat Idle detection
  • On close , Email of chat logs.
  • User is typing alerts / notifications
  • Live chat idle detection
  • SMS Flash notifications
  • IPv6 ready live chat
  • WordPress integration
  • Realtime live monitoring
  • Live chat visitor queuing
  • Make money with live chat
  • Chat buttons and icons
  • Blogger live chat integration
  • Blogspot live chat integration
  • Visitor geolocation
  • Windows tray alerts

More features and information can be found here.



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