• Can I use Live Chat on my smart phone/ipad/tablet ?

    Yes. Besides on a PC or Mac, you can also use  Live Chat on your iPhoneBlackberryAndroid or other phone devices.  The live chat software is 100% webbased so will work on all major platforms.

  • Do I need to install any chat software on my server?

    No, The live chat free trial and subscription software if 100% hosted by us, You wont need to install anything.

  • Can I customize the chat window to match my own websites theme?

    Yes, You can edit the chat windows CSS through the live chat console.

  • How much does live chat cost?

    Prices vary, See HERE for a list of prices.

  • How many live chat operators can I have on my chat system?

    As many as your package will handle. Each chat package has a maximum number of chat operators suited for your website needs.

  • How many concurrent chats can I or my operators take?

    The system will allow you to open as many as you like ( or as many as you can fit on your screen )

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