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How do I add live chat to my website in 2013?

Ever wanted to grow your own business?

Looking to take the next step in getting new customers?

Want to give your current customers better support?

About Live Chat Software

Live chat software is a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction!  Have you ever been to a website, wanted to buy something, had a question but just couldn’t find the answer and leave?
Well, your own visitors have also had this problem. No matter how perfect your website is, It just simply isn’t enough for a lot of users. Sometimes people just don’t want to look about hoping to find an answer. They want an answer NOW not tomorrow or later. NOW!

This is where live chat software comes in to play.
Live chat enables you as a business to communicate with your visitors in real time. You can answer their questions instantly to help make a sale, help up-sell to your current clients or simply keep your current clients happy!

Do you worry that maybe it is too hard to install?

Worry no more..

Here is how you install live chat into your own website within 10 minutes using the IMsupporting live chat software. ( The process is similar with other live chat providers also. )

Step 1

Visit and sign up from the main homepage. ( Its FREE )

Live chat register

Live chat register

Step 2

Once registered, Simply login to the live chat console through your web browser. )


Step 3

When logged into the live chat software, Click “Controls” and then click “Install button to website

Follow the simple instructions to choose your button that will be installed.

live chat software

Step 4

Once you have chosen your live chat button, Simply copy the HTML/Javascript code ( Highlight and right click, then click COPY )

install live chat

Step 5

Open up your website in your favorite HTML editor ( Notepad / Frontpage / Dreamweaver / Word )

Select the part of your website where you would like the chat button to appear and PASTE  the above HTML code into your own HTML code.

Save the file and upload it to your web-hosting provider.


Step 6

Now you have your button on your own website, Simply click “Go Online” in the live chat window and wait for new chat sessions to start.



When a new chat request comes in, Simply click OPEN CHAT on the Live chat sessions tab and start talking!



Imsupporting has many features,

These include:
SSL encryption
The ability to view what your visitor is typing before they send
Automatic chat replies
Canned messages
Custom chat screen CSS
New chat SMS notifications
Offline message system
Live chat operator accounts
Banning of bad users
Realtime website visitor tracking
Geolocation through IP address and HTML5 geotracking

+ Many Many Many more

Enjoy your new found ability to talk to your visitors!


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